Your How-to Guide on Staying Fit & Healthy as a Student

Whether you are returning to university as a mature student to complete your postgraduate degree program or preparing to start university for the first time as an undergraduate, there will be a million things swimming around in your mind.

You may be worried about whether you will make friends on your course, feel homesick, and how much time you will have to dedicate to the coursework while balancing this with a social life. If this isn’t enough, you then have to consider how to keep physically and mentally healthy too.

So, with this in mind, here is a comprehensive guide to staying fit and healthy as a university student.

Join the Uni Gym

First and foremost, you may have never thought about this, but the best way to maintain your physical health and fitness levels and make a brand-new set of friends entirely separate from those in your degree program is to join the gym.

Usually, a university campus will have a dedicated gym and, sometimes, even a swimming pool, and what is more, the prices will be aimed specifically at students. Check your university’s official website online for more details about their gym and the opening times during both in and out of term time.

Register Online for a GP

Keeping on top of your health is a lot easier when you have access to medical help quickly. While you could sign up with your local GP, one of the better options while you are studying is to register with NHS GP online, which designed this service for students. This way, if you do need to speak to a medical professional, you can arrange a video or phone appointment quickly. By having these services available online, you may feel more comfortable dealing with any health issues and know that you have help managing your health while away from home.

Drink More Water

Yes, the piece of advice, “drink more water” seems to be most people’s go-to for maintaining a healthy lifestyle, but there is a reason for this; it is true.

The more hydrated you keep your mind and body, the more concentration and focus you will have, both during term time and in your social activities, and the more physical strength and aptitude you will have. The best way to ensure that you are drinking more water on a regular basis is to invest in a snazzy new water bottle, which has markers of how much to drink by a certain time in the day.

Learn How to Cook

For some people, cooking is an absolute pleasure, and you may well be one of those people who absolutely adore experimenting with new recipes and ingredients.

If, conversely, you have no real interest in cooking at all, it is important to learn the basics of cooking for meals such as pasta and sauce and stews and casseroles. This way, not only will you be consuming enough meat and vegetables in your diet, but you will be better prepared for grocery shopping on a budget when you plan your meals ahead of time.

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