The benefits of attending a sixth form college

When it comes to learning post-secondary school, there are a few options available for students. Some choose to move onto colleges that offer A levels and BTEC courses, whereas others choose to continue on at their school, through sixth form college. Choosing the right educational path is crucial at this point in a student’s life as the steps taken now, show immense change to their academic journey. Below is some advice from one of the best sixth forms in North London, on the benefits of attending a sixth form college.

Specialised learning

Sixth form colleges are great as they provide a specialised learning scheme, which focuses exclusively on the final two years of secondary education. They offer a wide range of A level courses and other advanced qualifications too. These colleges in particular often have dedicated and experienced teachers, who provide high quality teaching and resources that enable students to delve deeper into their chosen subjects. The advanced curriculum that is offered at sixth form colleges, prepare students for higher education or individual career paths, equipping them with the knowledge and skills needed for their future.

More relaxed atmosphere

Another benefit of attending a sixth form college, is the atmosphere. The aim at this point is to treat students more like young adults rather than children. With less supervision and more trust, students are encouraged to take responsibility over their own learning, and with the assistance of tutors, guide themselves to the end of the line.

Smaller classes

Learning at sixth form college is known for offering individualised attention through smaller class sizes. Students get a lot more time with their teachers, and the opportunity to have their learning catered to them.

Attending a sixth form college offers endless benefits, including specialised learning and a more relaxed atmosphere. By choosing this route for learning, students can unlock their full potential and achieve academic excellence.

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