The Digital Landscape Of College Search

With more and more students spending the majority of their time online, colleges are beginning to understand the importance of delivering content to students where they reside: on the internet. More specifically, the most popular social media applications for the age demographic. In recent years, that platform has been TikTok, which provides users with short video based content that is primarily informational and instructive. The ways in which colleges are utilizing this application is by bringing in current and recently graduated students and creating content geared toward both current and aspiring students of the school. This content, if framed in the right way, can be extremely influential to aspiring students. When a strong social media presence is combined with an informative website and optimized emails, it works to form a perfect trifecta of digital engagement for aspiring students around the world. For more information on the way in which colleges are engaging with students online, please check out the infographic highlighted alongside this post.

The Digital Landscape Of College Search provided by Encoura, an organization offering a premier alumni engagement platform

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