The importance of English literature lessons in schools

There are many subjects that students will be taught in school. From intimidating subjects such as maths, to more relaxing subjects such as art, it is clear that the variety is wide. However, amongst these subjects lies English literature, a subject that is usually forgotten or buried at the bottom of the pile. Whilst it may seem silent and unimportant, English literature is well known for being a prominent part of the academic curriculum, and for very good reason. Literature lessons play a huge role when it comes to shaping a student’s intellectual, emotional and cultural development. Keep reading for some advice from this private school in Oxfordshire, on the importance of English literature lessons in schools.

Enhances language and communication skills

Literature lessons are ideal for providing a solid platform for students to develop and enhance their language and communication skills. Through reading and analysing different literature texts, students are exposed to a rich vocabulary, different sentence structures, and expressions. By learning and engaging with literature, students learn to articulate their thoughts effectively, improve their writing skills, and perfect their communication skills. These lessons alone help to foster language fluency, critical thinking, and creativity, which helps students to express themselves confidently.

Fosters imagination and creativity

English literature is the perfect subject to help ignite the spark of imagination. Through this, it also nurtures creativity within students, a skill and mindset needed to learn well. As they become immersed in a world full of literature, students learn how to tap into their minds, encountering vivid descriptions and imaginative settings. This stimulates their creativity, allowing them the ability to think beyond the confinements of reality.

English literature lessons in schools offer numerous benefits that extend far beyond the classroom. From the enhancement of language and communication, to fostering imagination and creativity, it is clear why this subject sits securely in the academic curriculum.

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