How to make maths more fun for your child

There are a handful of subjects taught at school that you may hear your child moan and groan about. Amongst them, the most common subject that is disliked is maths. Whilst it can definitely be a challenging subject to study, there are many ways to ensure the learning aspect isn’t dull or intimidating. By introducing fun and interactive approaches, you can spark your child’s interest in maths and turn it into an enjoyable experience. Continue reading for some advice from this private school in Surrey, on how to make maths more fun for your child.

Connect it to the real world

When it comes to making maths more exciting for your child, the first step to take is changing their mindset towards it. A negative approach, where maths is seen as something impossible to understand, will only affect their efforts and capability in class. To change this, show your child how maths is something that is present in everyday situations. For example, when you are preparing a sweet treat, ask your child to get involved with weighing the ingredients and dividing the batter equally. Showing your child how easily maths can be connected to the real world, will instantly help shift their negative mindset to a more positive one.


Whilst excess amounts of technology are not great for children on a daily basis, there are still many ways to use it for educational purposes, that ensure little one’s benefit from it. Allow them to play maths games and make use of the interactive resources available online. They can do this in their spare time for fun, or as an extracurricular using online platforms in the form of tuition. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how effective they are!

Making maths more fun for children requires a little time and creativity to get right. With the right approach, you will find your child beaming when it comes to studying this intimidating subject, in no time at all.

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