What is the purpose of forest school?

With what we have learnt over the years about our planet, and the effects our negative behaviours have had on it, it seems an increasing number of people are now becoming more environmentally conscious, looking for more ways to encourage young people to take care of and learn about the world they live in. The importance of understanding wellbeing and self-development is also becoming a lot more apparent, with a great way to introduce this being through forest school. Many parents have taken an interest in this form of learning, given the number of benefits it has to offer to children. But what is forest school all about? Below is a guide that goes into a bit more detail, as advised by one of the best schools in Guildford.

What is forest school?

Forest school is essentially an outdoor education scheme, that takes a holistic and child-led approach. It provides children with the opportunity to develop themselves through healthy experiences that teach them about risk, problem solving, and self-discovery. Forest schools seek to deliver lessons at different times of the year, in order to incorporate the seasons and work alongside nature. Most forest schools are created for primary school children and infants; however, the sessions are also beneficial for teenagers too.

Holistic development

As mentioned earlier, forest schools place heavy emphasis on the social, emotional, physical and cognitive development of children. In their outdoor space, children have endless opportunities to develop self-confidence, resilience and independence. They learn to problem solve and make good decisions in real-life situations. Given that forest school ensures students are regularly taking part in physical activities, it ensures the enhancement of gross motor skills and overall physical wellbeing.

As you can tell, forest school has been created to offer a transformative learning experience for children, which helps to immerse them into nature and holistic development. If forest school seems like a good choice for your child, enquire today!

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