The Language Immersion Programs for Preschoolers – Is It Good or Bad

The language immersion programs are picking up some good amount of popularity these days. However, still many of the parents are uncertain about whether to choose the program for their children or not but some who wish that their children should learn a new language with ease choose the language immersion program in their early phase of education.

There are some great language immersion preschools like the Casa De Corazón, whose teaching methodologies and practices you might want to check out to get a better understanding on the language immersion programs. The Case De Corazón is one of the best Spanish immersion preschools and they have an innovative approach.

Their strength lies in their well experienced staffs and teachers who are caring attentive. This is why their early development centers, as they would call it, are far ahead of competition.

Benefits of language immersion programs for your child

These are some of the benefits of the language immersion program that makes people choose this method of learning a new language over the others.

They are –

  • This method helps children learn a new language which is not their mother tongue or the local language, but learn thoroughly as if it is spoken in their own houses.
  • A study in Canada reveals that if language immersion programs are used for children in their early ages, it may prevent dementia and other learning disorders.
  • The language immersion program helps the child to get more exposure and appreciate other culture and heritage.
  • Another random trial conducted by the American University revealed better English reading skills in language immersion program .

Some common fears and concerns about language immersion 

When parents choose a language immersion program for their children that involves teaching a language that is not spoke at home or familiar to the child, they fear that the child may be struggling to get the vocabulary strength or even worse, they fear that if their children would get the hold of the new language.

As the method practices immersing the new language into the learning curriculum, it is very unlikely that this may happen. And this is even more unlikely to happen when you being the language immersion program in the early stages of the child’s life.

But every one of us are different and likewise every child is unique. Therefore, it is a careful decision that parents should make analyzing the individual ability of their children.

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