Teacher Self-Care 101

With the importance of mental health awareness increasing by the day, more and more individuals are finding solace in self-care. These are the methods in which individuals use to improve their health and well-being throughout their personal and professional dealings, both positive and negative. How does self-care apply to a profession like teaching though? The National Institute of Mental Health describes it as encompassing six vital personal elements that must be constantly monitored: physical, psychological, emotional, spiritual, social and professional. The self-care strategy right for one teacher, might not be the right strategy for another. That said, each teacher will craft a strategy that fits the needs under that six pointed umbrella. For more information on how you can create a self-care strategy that’s right for you, please see the resource highlighted amongst this post.

Teacher Self-Care 101

Check out Teacher Self-Care 101, provided by Curriculum Associates; an organization offering lessons in core math.

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