Opening doors of opportunity – Further education in Thailand.

One of the most amazing places to live has to be Thailand even after being ins a variety of different countries and experiencing the cultural changes, there is something about ‘The land of smiles’ that grabs you and doesn’t want you to leave.

You mean I have to leave?

When people return from a vacation they will often say “It feels like I left a piece of me behind” and inevitably will make a return visit. Some will settle, others will make it their chosen destination for future vacations for many years to come. Thailand’s economy is on the up and with that also brings visitors conducting business.

Big Business

Generally speaking, the number of visitors means an increase in the need to tourism and hospitality management as such if you are choosing a career path or redefying your current career direction then tourism and hospitality management should be very high on your list.

In order to work legally in Thailand, you will require a work permit and the appropriate visa. In order to get the most desirable jobs you will require a degree of some sort.

If you do not have a degree fear not, fortunately there are some very attractive offers from a range of top Universities. If you really want to settle down in Thailand have a good standard of living then you need to study MBA (called เรียนบริหารอินเตอร์ in Thai), a quick Internet search will provide you with a list of universities.


What caught our attention was that some institutes offer a 2 year stay and then a 1-year placement at your chosen university in the UK. The best of both worlds it seems. Make sure to get the most for your money and get a varied experience.

Don’t get bogged down.

If you have never looked into higher education, it can be a little overwhelming so here are some pointers and thing to consider before signing and jumping on a plane.

Requirements – What is expected of you as a student.

Price/value – The old saying, what you pay for is what you get could not be any more relevant here so be wary and double check everything. If it sounds too good to be true then it probably is.

What is on offer? – Make sure you get a varied experience with your course. What use is a degree without experience?

Timescales – How long is the course? A 3-year course should be realistic. Do ask about flexibility though.


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