Considerations for Choosing An International School in Bangkok

Bangkok is a great city that has plenty to offer in terms of nightlife, travel, and even education. This bustling city is the same population as New York City, with many expats choosing to relocate with their families to Southeast Asia’s haven. The rise of expats has brought a rise of international schools, each offering well-designed curriculums to cater to the wide-ranging variety of students. So, when you start searching for a great international school, keep a few things in mind:

  • The Curriculum is the Most Important. This is especially true if you are an expat that has plans to return home in the long run. For American students, for example, that plan to go back to the States, it’s best to keep your children in an American-curriculum school. This will keep their education consistent and make for an easy transition back home. One school that boasts a great American curriculum is, a leading international school in the beautiful city of Bangkok.
  • Consider Travel Time. Bangkok is a wonderful city, but there is no escaping the fact that it regularly ranks amongst the five worst cities in the world for traffic. However, Bangkok’s public travel system is excellent and seemingly endless—whether it’s the BTS sky train, the underground MRT, the serene water boat taxis of the many canals, or even the public buses. Wherever you work, consider how much time you want to spend in the morning or afternoon with your commute to school. This can make all the difference for your family.
  • Ask About Your Child’s Nutrition. Many international schools will offer lunches that are a blend of both Eastern and Western cuisine, but it is still important to check. Is the food of a high quality? Is lunch included in your sign-up fee? Is it optional for your picky eater? Some schools will ask you to sign up to the lunch program, so make sure you are okay with what is being served.
  • When in Doubt, Check it Out. Much and more can be quickly seen at a school if you ask to visit. Are the amenities nice? Ask about what types of buildings and classrooms are offered—a library? Art room? Music room or theatre? Science labs? Talk to the teachers if possible, to see how they feel about the school and community.

With so many international schools in Bangkok, it can feel overwhelming to choose. However, with a little research and dedication, there is a perfect international school waiting for you and your family.

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